Eating in Liverpool has never been more exciting!

Named after the iconic Maggie May, a local legend and the namesake of one of the city’s finest traditional eateries, this is a place for me to recount all the thrilling eats that my mouth encounters as I try my very best to eat my way around this great city without giving myself a heart-attack.

Liverpool has changed a great deal in the last decade or so. After the opening of Liverpool ONE, the mega-futuristic shopping centre in the heart of the city, the landscape of the town has changed significantly. As more shoppers were drawn to the bright shiny lights of the new buildings, the traditional high street-stylings of Bold Street were left in disarray. For a good five years many small shops closed their doors, but for every small business that closed its door a new restaurant took its place…

Bolstered by a fashionable new selection of hip eateries, in addition to a number of more straight-forward establishments that have swiftly become firm favourites amongst Scousers, tourists and students alike. This blog is a slowly expanding guide to the culinary treats that the city has to offer, but will also cover feature my visits to other cities, as well as any food festivals that I happen to drop in on.

Thanks for reading!