The Best Burger In Town?

There was a time when burgers in the UK were either something that your Dad burnt on a barbecue, or a special treat that came with a free toy from a certain fast-food joint that will go unnamed…

This all changed in the mid-noughties when the gourmet burger came into existence. After decades of poor imitations, diners were finally treated to a closer approximation of the real McCoy: big, bold, American-style burgers which came packaged in soft brioche buns, brimming with flavourful sauces and sometimes (much to our Mother’s chagrin!) pink in the middle. Like the gastro-pub before it, this high-street fad had its roots in London, before making its way to the nation’s High Streets in the form of dozens of chains and hundreds of independents.

Whilst not all of these upstarts have been able to stand the test of time, there are some who have continued to flourish long after the hype has died down. These restaurants have proved themselves over the years with their unflagging standards and commitment to burger-based innovation. Although where you’ll find ‘the best burger in town’ is certainly up for debate, I’ll happily back each and every one of these fantastic places:

Free State Kitchen


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One of the longest-serving gourmet burger joints in the city, Free State is a little off the beaten track, but a must-visit for anyone who’s craving a traditional American diner-style experience. Although the restaurant space is far from spacious, it’s simple décor is a perfect match for the excellent burgers on offer here. On a sunny day you have the option to enjoy your meal in the spacious garden out back.

Almost Famous


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A true Northern institution: Almost Famous is only open in a handful of locations, so when the Liverpool restaurant was first announced there was a minor earthquake in the Scouse foodie community. You can find such elaborately named burgers as the River Phoenix and the ostentatious Liverpool Burger at the restaurant on Parr Street, conveniently located to some of city’s hottest night-spots.

Nolita Cantina


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Whilst there are many places you can pick up a burger on Liverpool’s now iconic Bold Street, Nolita Cantina has earned a special place in the hearts of many thanks to its generously sized hand-helds, fantastic lunch deals and a sinful brunch offering. The open kitchen is what makes this relaxed joint a ‘cantina’ rather than a restaurant, but it’s the food that comes from it that make it a must-visit. The PB&J Burger is pure joy in a bun, whilst even the Vegan burger offers a real mouthful for those who aren’t keen on meat.



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Whilst some purists may well turn their noses up at the prospect of a burger that doesn’t contain cow, a chicken burger at Patterson’s may be just the thing to change their mind. Specialising in excellently fried chicken, this cosy dive is centrally located and always buzzing on a Friday night. They have some great offers on during the week, and servings are always jumbo-sized, so you’ll never have to worry about leaving hungry.